Another nubcake massacre 

submitted by akimbrosliced

fuck me that’s some pretty decent gameplay. the last kill was pretty pro too xD

- Vickii


Tumblr Android 2.0: Now available on the Android Market

Android users, say hello to the new Tumblr app, rebuilt from the ground up! We hope you’ll enjoy the updated features, including:  

  • New interface: A total redesign centered around Android’s hardware and software.
  • Manage multiple blogs: It’s now a simple swipe to access your different blogs and manage your drafts, queue and followers on-the-go.
  • Create a post:  We’ve highlighted posting to Tumblr so you can share text, images, links, chats, quotes and videos whenever you want.  
  • Messages: View and reply to messages for each of your blogs.
  • Address book: Find people to follow from your phone’s address book.
  • New users: Sign up right from the app.
  • Bonus: For quick sharing, you can post anything from your home screen via the Tumblr widget.

Go ahead and grab it on the Android Market!

Name Shane BurcawLocation Bethlehem, Pennsylvania “I will most likely be dead before I turn 30. Even that estimate is a generous one. I have a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 2) that has been slowly destroying all the muscles in my body,” starts the first post on Shane’s blog. Laughing At My Nightmare is written by a 19-year-old kid in a wheelchair named Shane about his life and his disease. A sophomore at a small liberal arts college studying journalism and psychology, he loves to laugh as he shares his unique perspective on life. Also check out… FFFFOOD
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